A Workplace Ambassador

This is an employee who organizes the Employee Campaign in your place of employment. For larger organizations, this may also involve a committee. The Workplace Ambassador hands out pledge forms, encourages employees to support the campaign and then collects the forms. Sometimes a fun event is organized to create awareness about the United Way. In smaller workplaces, the Workplace Ambassador could be the payroll person.

All Workplace Ambassadors are supported by a United Way staff member and a Sponsored Employee (an individual lent to the United Way for 16 weeks from their employer to assist with Employee Campaigns).


Payroll simply makes the deductions from the employee’s paycheck, records the amount on the T4 and distributes the collected funds to the United Way, much like any other deductions. The United Way distributes the employee’s donation as indicated on their payroll deduction form, supplied by the United Way. The payroll person is supported by the United Way Administration Staff.


It is recommended that an annual presentation be made to employees by a United Way speaker in your workplace. It is understood that this might not be possible every year but presentations do have a positive impact on Employee Campaign giving and thereby impact the community. The speaker explains the role of the United Way, various giving and engagement opportunities, the importance of giving through payroll deduction and the difference / impact that YOU will make by contributing to support local people in our community.

RECOVER 2020 Campaign

As workplaces and businesses in our community begin to slowly reopen, we realize the effects of an unexpected crisis like COVID-19 will continue to change the way we all do business.

This year, we are going VIRTUAL! Stay tuned for updates and information on our virtual campaign opportunities including virtual presentations, new fillable forms, and a virtual campaign tool kit!


Our virtual campaign training workshops for all Workplace Ambassadors will be on the following days:
August 25 @ 1 P.M.
August 26 @ 11 A.M.
August 27 @ 1 P.M. (Special Training for GCWCC Ambassadors)
September 2 @ 1 P.M.
September 9 @ 11 A.M. (Special Training for OPS Ambassadors)
September 15 @ 11 A.M.
September 23 @ 1 P.M.


Local Giving. Local Results.

The United Way of Thunder Bay works with hundreds of workplaces throughout Thunder Bay and region to run Employee Campaigns.

An Employee Campaign encourages individual employees in your workplace to make a charitable donation to our community. Employees choose to have a specific amount of money regularly deducted from their paycheck. Employee Campaigns are offered to workplaces of all sizes; from small businesses of 2 people to large organizations of up to 500.

Approximately 42% of the United Way of Thunder Bay campaign comes from Employee Campaigns annually. The support we receive from individuals flows back to local people and neighbourhoods where the needs are highest.

Why have an employee campaign?


An Employee Campaign is one of the best ways for employees to make a charitable donation and support their local community. Small amounts can be deducted from each paycheck making it easy and convenient for the employee to give. An individual’s total giving amount is included on their T4 at the end of the year.

Community Impact

The United Way supports local people and neighbourhoods where we all live and work. Gifts to the United Way Community Fund provide essential funding to tackle issues of poverty. By working together, we can ensure that essential services like food, clothing, housing and transportation are available for children, adults and families.


The Community Impact Advisory Committee is comprised of community volunteers. They make certain that donor dollars given to the United Way Community Fund are invested where they are needed most and will do the most good to address the root causes of poverty and alleviate its debilitating effect on people in our community.

Employee Engagement

Employers with Workplace Campaigns reported improved staff moral and new opportunities to bring fun into their operations. Workplace campaigns are also recognized on our website, marketing materials and through our sponsored Community Impact Luncheon where they are publicly thanked and receive awards.