Sponsored Employee Program

The United Way’s Sponsored Employee Program gives community minded employers an excellent opportunity to make an investment in strengthening our community. By loaning one of your most valuable resources, your employees, to participate in this program, you are making an investment in your employee, enhancing your workplace and assisting the United Way in achieving their community impact goals.

Sponsored Employees (SEs) will benefit from a unique professional development experience, one that is designed to enhance and improve their skill set as they increase their understanding of #UNIGNORABLE community issues of poverty. The result: employees bring increased community knowledge and a better understanding of corporate social responsibility when they return to your workplace.

Serving as an extension of the United Way of Thunder Bay development team, Sponsored Employees provide assistance and support to all aspects of the annual campaign. They work full-time with United Way of Thunder Bay for a seventeen week period.

For more information on how your company can register for the Sponsored Employee Program in 2021, please contact Jodie Wilson.

Thank You To Our 2019 Sponsored Employee

Jennifer Bourgeois

City of Thunder Bay

Why have an employee campaign?


An Employee Campaign is one of the easiest ways for employees to make a charitable donation, supporting the issue of poverty for people of Thunder Bay & region. Donations can be made as a one time gift, monthly gift, gift of securities, or by payroll deduction; making it easy and convenient to give. Total charitable giving through payroll is included on your T4 from your employer.

Community Impact

Your donation to the United Way provides granting for programs and initiatives that tackle the issues of poverty. Because of your generousity, you provide the opportunity for people to reach their full potential. By working together, we can ensure that essential services like food, clothing, housing and transportation are available for children, adults and families.


The Community Investment Council is comprised of community volunteers. They make certain that donor dollars given to the United Way are invested where they are urgently needed, addressing the issues of poverty and the recovery efforts required due to COVID-19.

Employee Engagement

Employers with Workplace Campaigns reported improved staff moral and new opportunities to bring fun into their operations. Workplace campaigns are also recognized in our annual honour roll, in the Chronicle Journal, and other marketing materials.

A Workplace Ambassador

This is an employee who is a leader amongst their peers and cares deeply about their community.  They organize their Employee Giving Campaign, keeping it Fun, Educational and Inspiring for all members of the workplace. For larger organizations, this may also involve a committee especially when there are more than 100 employees.  The Workplace Ambassador along with the help of a United Way support person, plans fun events for their employees, arranges opportunities to learn WHY the United Way is important to the health and well-being of Thunder Bay and Inspires employee giving through the sharing of local issues and the incredible stories of impact.

If you have questions or would like to start an employee campaign in your workplace, please contact Jodie Wilson at jwilson@uwaytbay.ca or (807) 626-1758.

Watch the video below showcasing why Teleco Employees give to the United Way and why they want to inspire other workplaces and individuals in our community to give!

2021 Campaign

As workplaces and businesses in our community begin to slowly reopen, we realize the effects of an unexpected crisis like COVID-19 will continue to change the way we all do business.

This year, we will continue to work VIRTUAL!


Workplace Ambassador Training will take place in May and June 2021 – dates to be determined.

Local Giving. Local Results.

The United Way of Thunder Bay works with hundreds of workplaces throughout Thunder Bay and region to run Employee Campaigns.

An Employee Campaign encourages individual employees in your workplace to make a charitable donation to our community. Employees choose to have a specific amount of money regularly deducted from their paycheck. Employee Campaigns are offered to workplaces of all sizes; from small businesses of 2 people to large organizations of up to 500.

Approximately 42% of the United Way of Thunder Bay campaign comes from Employee Campaigns annually. The support we receive from individuals flows back to local people and neighbourhoods where the needs are highest.