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Behind our work, there are thousands of people who get involved in big and small – but always significant – ways to build a stronger, more resilient Thunder Bay. When we volunteer, our spirits are lifted by working with others. Our sense of purpose is strengthened when we see how our efforts have helped someone else. Our confidence grows when we gain skills and experience through volunteering. It can be fun and very rewarding, so please take a look at the opportunities list to see some of the ways that you can get involved!


Help us make our next event not only impactful and memorable but fun! We depend on volunteers like you to bring our community together, please sign up and join us at our next event!


If you would like to support the efforts behind our annual Fundraising Campaign, we are looking for dynamic and dedicated community champions to join our Team.


Interested in joining the movement of young professionals giving back to our community? Join us to connect with and contribute to the community, and to influence positive change by volunteering.

Become a Volunteer