Lead the way

As a Leader Of The Way, you’ll become part of an unstoppable force for change. Donors like you power our local work, ensuring we can make important social issues #UNIGNORABLE. In addition to great tax incentives, we offer benefits to match your level of giving including recognition in our Leadership Honour Roll, inclusion in our brochures, on our website and exclusive invitations to Leaders Of The Way events.

Local Results

We are Thunder Bay’s community builders. The United Way of Thunder Bay exists locally to serve our most vulnerable and create a more inclusive community. By listening, collaborating and connecting at all community levels, we know where needs exist and resources are scarce. The United Way of Thunder Bay has focused its current campaign efforts on making poverty #unignorable. Together, we can make it easier for people to get the services they need, when and where they need them.

Show Your Love

Leaders Of The Way is a movement of people who want to ensure that everyone in Thunder Bay has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Your generosity allows us to tackle social issues that are preventing too many individuals and families from getting ahead. SHOW YOUR LOCAL LOVE.


Growing up in a small town, my father taught me how to work and I helped him on a regular basis. To this day, i enjoy working with my hands and realize how lucky I am. If my donation to United Way of Thunder Bay allows youngsters to develop new skills and become healthy adults that would be great.
– Roger Quirion, Leader since 2012

Why Poverty?

Thunder Bay is facing important social issues that often go unnoticed. Many of these challenges are rooted to poverty.

By working together, we can ensure that essential services like food, clothing, housing and transportation are available for children, adults and families. We can also support community partners to build new pathways out of poverty so that everyone can thrive.

We believe everyone has a role to play in building a strong and vibrant community. A strong community attracts people and businesses, which also strengthens our local economy and fuels prosperity for our entire region.

Join Leaders of the way in the local fight against poverty.

Here’s how your local love helps us tackle #UNIGNORABLE issues:



Funds outings for approximately 50 children living in poverty.



Provides 120 meals for 4 weeks through a local Community Kitchen.



Provides 10 individuals with quick access to counselling at their time of need.