Youth United

Youth United aims to build an inclusive, connected community where all youth become all they can be.

Youth United is becoming United Way’s youth force. Members fundraise throughout the year and decide where to invest those funds in local youth-led and youth serving programs.

Youth United has its roots in Youth 4 Community and before that the High School challenge. In 2019, Youth 4 Community was able to give to and support youth programs including Our Kids Count, Evergreen: A United Neighborhood, Community Clothing Assistance, and more!

Thunder Bay youth have time and time again shown that they care about their community and peers, and have shown they are bright, kind, and capable.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get a say in how to help your community
  • Fill your volunteer hours
  • Build skills for your resume
  • Make connections and friends

Who are Youth United members?

Youth United Members are enthusiastic and dedicated young people who have a passion for their community.

Want to be a Youth United member? Email us at Ask around your school; there may be a Youth United club waiting for you to join. Want another way to be involved? Email us, we have ideas on how you can help!