What is GenNext?

The GenNext movement is a unique opportunity that promotes a new and exciting way for the next generation of leaders to bring about change right here in our community, as part of the United Way of Thunder Bay. It’s not only about caring for the community but having fun while doing it!

GenNext empowers the future. We are in our 20s and 30s, and aim to fully understand the issues that people in our community are faced with, to actively connect with and contribute to the community, and to influence positive change through meaningful volunteering and giving opportunities.

GenNext is an investment in OUR future, as the next generation. It’s how we make an impact for a better tomorrow. It’s about taking action now to make our community better for our future.

Who are GenNexters??

Enthusiastic and energetic individuals who:

  • Want to learn about issues in Thunder Bay
  • Want to make a difference
  • Want to inspire other young philanthropists
  • Want to promote volunteerism

Get Involved with GenNext! See opportunities below:

  • This Cabinet is comprised of an amazing group of volunteers that plan existing & new events, organize and manage various campaigns or initiatives, and generally guide GenNext in our community
  • Meets once a month
  • Event Committees are comprised of various community volunteers / GenNexters who want to share their skills and experience to work together to plan specific events from start to finish. Tasks include organizing sponsorships / partners, marketing, event participation / registration, materials needed for the event, logistics for day of, etc.
  • Event Committees are created for events like Let’s Get Quizzical, Day of Caring, pop-up events, etc.
  • Meets 4 – 6 months in advance from event, usually once a month and more frequently as needed closer to the event day
  • Day of Volunteers are individuals who want to help with volunteering tasks on a day of an event
  • Tasks vary based on the event but could include things such as registering people upon arrival, networking with and supporting event participants, running additional fundraisers such as games / auctions / raffles / 50 50’s, running technology,  etc.
  • Commitment is normally a few hours based on your availability

GenNext In the Workplace & GenNexter Giving are 2 other opportunities to get involved! See details below. 

Enthusiastic? Motivated? Passionate about making our community even greater? Then, join GenNext today! For more information, please email Alyssa at

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GenNext In the Workplace

GenNext In the Workplace allows individuals within any workplace to step up and take the lead on organzing a group of ‘GenNexters’ who want to support GenNext and United Way of Thunder Bay initiatives and activities year round. This is a unique opportunity for the next generation of workplace leaders to connect to their community, network with other like-minded Gennexters, get involved through fundraising, participating in events and volunteer initiatives, and give back.

Want to be a leader of change in your workplace?
Learn more about our GenNext in the Workplace Program today!

GenNext Giving Opportunities

GenNexters are individuals who want to join a movement of people to ensure that everyone in our community and region has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Show your #LocalLove by becoming a GenNexter and make a contribution to support your community and the work of the United Way of Thunder Bay. We offer 3 different levels of giving including $120, $240, or $360+ for a year. As a GenNexter, you will:
  • Be engaged and connected to your community
  • Be knowledgeable and aware of community issues in Thunder Bay and region
  • Be a part of a group that shares in common goals
  • Connect, network, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals
  • See the difference you can make
Click here to donate today. Don’t forget to select “GenNext Donation” as your fund of choice to become a GenNext Giver.