RFDA – Essential Skills in Food Service Program

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Through The March of Dimes I was able to participate in the Essential Food Service Skills program with the RFDA. Before being enrolled in the course, I was having troubles finding a place to work. It was a 12 week course where we got to learn the basics of cooking and worked up to some more difficult recipes.  We got to see how a professional kitchen works. Our teacher, Tanner Harris is very professional and was very good at keeping our interest. At the end of the 12 weeks I was very sad that it was over.

The team at the RFDA are all very kind and helpful. I’m going to miss them. This course is great and I will and have recommended this course to people. This course also helped to place us in a job in the food industry. Due to my limitations finding a place for me was a challenge but they found the perfect place for me. There was not a part of the course that I did not like.If you have an interest in food take this course.