Allocations Cabinet

The United Way of Thunder Bay operates on a basis of sound financial practices. We adhere to a standard for accounting known as TAFR (Transparency & Accountability in Financial Reporting) set by the United Way of Canada.

As part of this practice, we allocate funding to local registered Canadian charities based on the advice of an independent Allocations Cabinet. Comprised of community volunteers, the Allocations Committee is responsible for the analysis of funding applications, awarding of funding and program follow up. The committee volunteers meet with applicants’ staff, board members and clients before making final decisions as to funding. This team of community volunteers spends over 1,000 hours reviewing local agencies’ annual funding applications to determine the best use of donor dollars to support these vital programs and make positive impacts.

Tom Boyle
Peter Cloidt
Jackie Dojack
Michele Miller
Jaime Mintenko
Sandra Snider