Workplace Campaigns

Implementing a Workplace Campaign in addition to corporate giving is an excellent way to further your company’s impact. When companies show an authentic commitment to helping their people give more to the causes that matter to them through matching, employees are twice as likely to donate. The knowledge that they can effectively double their money through the company’s support has inspired many employees to fund-raise for the first time. The principal benefits to the organization are in:


It is one of the best ways for employees to make charitable donations and support their local community. Small amounts being deducted from each paycheque make it easier and less burdensome to the donor. The charitable donations are included on the employee’s T4. An Employee Campaign is truly a painless way to donate and does so much good for our community.

Community Impact

Gifts to the United Way Community Fund support a dynamic local network programs and initiatives which:

  • move people from poverty to possibility
  • foster healthy people and strong communities
  • help kids to be all they can be


The United Way Allocations Committee is comprised of community volunteers who make certain that donor dollars given to the United Way Community Fund are distributed to where they are needed most and will do the most good.

Gifts to the United Way Community Fund stay in our community and are carefully watched every step of the way. This process ensures that these funds make the greatest impact in our community, are used wisely and appropriately.

Fun And Recognition

Feedback from established, long running Workplace Campaigns report a growth in staff moral, relationship building between management and staff as well as positive response about giving as everyone teams up together for the common good of our community. Employers appreciate the efficiency of this system as it gives employees the opportunity to support their community through one employee drive.

United Way recognizes Workplace Campaigns on our web site, in our Community Partners Report, through a full page newspaper ad and at our fully sponsored Campaign Celebration where they are publicly thanked and receive awards.

Contact Campaign Director, Jodie Wilson to learn more about investing in your community today through a Workplace Campaign.  626-1758