Youth 4 Community

  December 7, 2018

Between October 15 – December 7 this year, students from local participating high schools have the opportunity to host fundraisers.

All funds raised will go into the United Way of Thunder Bay Youth 4 Community Fundraising & Granting Initiative (Y4C). These funds will be reserved solely for youth programs, services and projects carried out by local registered charitable organizations in Thunder Bay. The Youth 4 Community program works within the United Way Focus Area: “All that Kids Can Be” and agencies can use the funding to focus in one or more of the following youth priority areas: Recreation and Neighbourhood youth hubs; Anti-Rasicm and Discrimination; and Youth Involvement/ Leadership.

This is a FOR YOUTH BY YOUTH initiative, meaning the money these youth raise goes towards addressing youth issues.

This program was developed to bring youth leaders from the local high schools together to learn more about philanthropy, project management and decision making and create awareness of issues and challenges that are being experienced by youth here in Thunder Bay.

Once the funds are raised a granting committee is formed by 2-3 local student representatives from the high schools.

These students are mentored through the granting process by adult volunteers throughout March the following year. Funding applications are reviewed and granting decisions are made.

Once final, the students on the granting committee present their granting recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors, host a press conference in April and announce / present funding to each of the successful programs.

The youth who have participated in this have felt a sense of ownership and pride to the committee work and the funding decisions they have made.

Youth 4 Community was established back in 2010, and since then students have raised over an incredible $80,000!

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The United Way Youth 4 Community funding application form will be available on the United Way website on January 3, 2019.  Applications will be due in February, 2019.