Youth 4 Community Funding

  March 1, 2019

Application deadline extended to March 1st


Each fall, participating local high schools come together to host different fundraisers in each of their schools to raise money for the United Way of Thunder Bay’s Youth 4 Community (Y4C) initiative. Y4C was developed to bring youth leaders from the local high schools together to learn more about philanthropy, project management, and decision making and create awareness of issues and challenges that are being experienced by the youth here in Thunder Bay.

The Youth 4 Community Fund is reserved solely for youth programs, services, and projects that are carried out by local registered charitable organizations in Thunder Bay. The Y4C initiative works within the United Way Focus Area:  “All that Kids Can Be” and agencies can use the funding to focus in one or more of the following youth priority areas: Recreation and Neighbourhood Youth Hubs; Anti-Racism and Discrimination and Youth Involvement/Leadership.

Registered charitable organizations in Thunder Bay can apply for these funds by filling in the Youth 4 Community Application form. Applications are due March 1, 2019

The Youth 4 Community Fund will fund up to $5,000.00 per organization, for one program, service or project that is youth orientated.  Youth are identified as ages 13-24 years old.

Project Selection: United Way Youth Granting Committee

In order to receive funding, the youth program, service or project needs oo:

  1. Promote youth leadership by engaging young people in the development, implementation, and reporting of the initiative.
  2. Show how it will be of benefit to young people, ages 13 – 24.
  3. Look at ways to engage young people, especially those who do not normally participate or are considered “at risk”.
  4. Focus in on one or more of the following areas as it relates to youth: Youth Recreation and Neighbourhood Youth Hubs; Anti-Racism and Discrimination and Youth Involvement/ Leadership. 
  5. Look at ways to encourage community partnerships and more working collaborations.
  6. Be for a new or enhanced PSP that is not presently being funded through the United Way of Thunder Bay or another funding source.

Successful proposals will be selected based on the above criteria by the United Way Youth Granting Committee which consists of community youth and adult mentors that will assist them in the selection process. Final approval of applications will be made by the United Way Board of Directors at the end of March 2019. Applicants will be notified of their funding application outcome after this.

Reporting On Your Project

Each successful, funded organization will prepare a short report on outcomes and engagement.  Reports will be emailed to at the United Way by April 30, 2019. **Funding should be expended by March 31, 2020. If service, program or project is on-going through other sources of funding please report as of this date.