Youth 4 Community Funding

  April 18, 2018

Applications now closed.

The Youth 4 Community Fund is a way of encouraging young people to get involved in philanthropy, build community awareness and learn new skills.  It will also help address needs in our community around youth priorities.

Students in our local high schools have raised funds that will become part of the United Way Community Fund.  These “student raised” funds will be reserved for youth programs, services and projects.  Registered charitable organizations in Thunder Bay can apply for these funds by filling in the Youth 4 Community Application form.

“All that kids can be” is one of the United Way of Thunder Bay’s focus areas.  The Youth 4 Community Fund will provide support to programs, services and projects in the following areas relating to youth:  Youth recreation and neighbourhood youth hubs; Anti-Racism and Discrimination and Youth Involvement/ Leadership. 

The Youth 4 Community Fund will fund up to $5,000.00 per organization, for one program, service or project that is youth orientated.  Youth are identified as ages 13-24 years old.

January 12, 2018: “Youth 4 Community” Funding Applications are due.

January 2018:  Available funds are determined, as the amount of money available depends on the outcome of the high school fundraising campaign.

February/March 2018:  Youth Granting Committee will receive training on the selection process and review funding requests, interview agencies and develop initial funding recommendations.

March 2018:  Representatives from the Youth Granting Committee will present their funding selections to the United Way Board of Directors for final approval.

April 2018:  The United Way will host the “Youth Funding” Presentation Media Event. The Youth Granting Committee will present the funding to the successful funded agencies.  All funded agencies are required to be present at this media event.

Are You Eligible for United Way “Youth 4 Community” Funding?

Can you answer “yes” to all the following questions? 

If so, you can complete the funding application.

  1. Are you a private non-profit agency?
  2. Are you registered as a charitable organization under the Canada Income Tax Act?
  3. Do you offer services and programs within Thunder Bay?
  4. Is your agency controlled by a board of directors composed of volunteers who are representative of the community it serves?
  5.  Does your agency provide lasting solutions to social problems by promoting empowerment and self-reliance?
  6. Does your agency use volunteers in all its areas of activity?

What we do not fund:

  • Overall organizational core funding;
  • Past organizational deficits;
  • Existing programs that are financially frail and could disband if they are not funded;
  • Capital projects

In order to receive funding, the youth program, service or project needs oo:

  1. Promote youth leadership by engaging young people in the development, implementation and reporting of the initiative.
  2. Show how it will be of benefit to young people, ages 13 – 24.
  3. Look at ways to engage young people.
  4. Focus in on one or more of the following areas as it relates to youth: Youth recreation and neighbourhood youth hubs; Anti-Racism and Discrimination and Youth Involvement/ Leadership. 
  5. Look at ways to encourage community partnerships and a more collaborative approach by services and/or resources for young people;
  6. Be for a new or enhanced program that is not presently being funded through the United Way of Thunder Bay or another funding source.

Reporting On Your Project

Each successful, funded organization will prepare a short report on:

  1. Outcomes of the funded program, service or project – explain if and how you know they were achieved.
  2. How they engaged youth to participate and what they have learned about this engagement process;
  3. What successes they have had and/or challenges experienced.

Reports will be emailed to at the United Way by April 30, 2019. **Funding should be expended by March 31, 2019.

Funding Decision Process

Successful proposals will be selected by the United Way Youth Granting Committee.  This committee consists of community youth from the participating fundraising high schools.  The committee will be trained and mentored by experienced United Way Allocations Committee members and will apply clear criteria to the decision making process.