Funding Applications

Please note: Funding Applications are currently closed and will reopen in Spring of 2019

Prior to submitting these forms we would recommend you read the Funding Criteria, complete the  United Way Funding Criteria Checklist and contact Director of Community Impact, Sandra Albertson, to discuss eligibility, the form and process.  You may contact her at 626-1766 or email



Funding Criteria

Only registered charitable organizations under the Canada Income Tax Act who serve people in this community are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the United Way of Thunder Bay.

The United Way of Thunder Bay funds programs that address needs within the following Focus Areas:

From Poverty To Possibility
Preventing & Moving People Out Of Poverty by Enhancing Life Skills & Meeting Basic Human Needs.

Healthy People, Strong Communities
Supporting Mental & Physical Health, Creating a Strong & Safe Community for All.

All That Kids Can Be
Providing Children & Youth With Support & Skills For A Bright Future.

What we do fund

  • Health and Human Care Services
  • Programs in Specific Areas of Need
  • Some One-time Projects

What we do not fund

  • Core Funding
    • We don’t contribute to overall core funding; United Way funding is directed to specific programs.
  • Deficits
    • No past organizational deficits are funded;
    • Programs that are financially frail and could disband are not funded (sustainability is an important consideration).
  • Capital Projects
    • United Way is a funder of programs not capital projects.