The United Way is empowering our young people to realize their full potential by:

  • Supporting struggling children and youth obtain the skills, self-esteem, and confidence to become successful role models and leaders;
  • Helping youth succeed and stay in school until graduation;
  • Inspiring children and youth to believe in themselves and make healthy choices.



Funded Programs

Boys and Girls Clubs of Thunder Bay

  • Outreach Program
  • Vale Unit
  • Windsor Unit

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay

  • Public Education & Prevention Program

Community Arts & Heritage Education Project

  • Arts to the Streets

Community Clothing Assistance

  • Children’s Undercover Project

Evergreen A United Neighbourhood

  • Evergreen Support For Youth

Faye Peterson House

  • Supportive Mothering

Our Kids Count

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

Shkoday Abinojiiwak Obimiwedoon

  • Biwaase’aa

St. John Ambulance

  • Youth Cadet and Crusaders Program