Quality of Life Network

The Quality of Life Network (QOLN) is a collaborative of local charities, including The United Way, who are connected through the United Way Community Fund, working together to improve the quality of life for people living in Thunder Bay.

QOLN has developed a Strategic Plan and released the Quality of Life Report to the community. The theme of “Respect” was approved as the vehicle to drive the agenda of the Quality of Life Network forward.

Together we can improve the lives of thousands of local people.


A collaborative network of United Way Funded Agencies in Thunder Bay that continues to improve the quality of life within our community.


United Way funded agencies in Thunder Bay collaborating to provide services; share assets; committed to mutual education and to engaging the community in finding positive solutions.

We Believe:

  • In helping to create a community where no one is forgotten
  • All individuals need opportunities to attain their chosen quality of life
  • Everyone has the right to develop their full potential, respecting differences and celebrating diversity
  • In equal access to community resources and reliable information
  • We will be more effective through positive collaboration and partnerships