Community Initiatives

Community Impact is about achieving meaningful, long-term improvements to the quality of life in our community – addressing not just the symptoms of problems but also getting at the root causes. It is about making fundamental changes to community conditions.

Quality of Life Network

The Quality of Life Network (QOLN) is a collaborative of 30 Agencies, including The United Way, who are connected through the United Way Community Fund, working together to improve the quality of life for people living in Thunder Bay.

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211 Ontario North

211 is an easy-to-remember three-digit phone number providing free, confidential, multilingual access to information about the full range of community, social, health and government services.

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Diversity Counts

Diversity Counts is a community engagement project that the United Way of Thunder Bay will facilitate through funding from the Inspirit Foundation. It is supported through a Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation funded Indigenous Liaison Intern.

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Focus Areas

With the strength of a global movement focusing on local solutions, United Way of Thunder Bay amplifies your donation like no other organization can. Going beyond one single agency, your gift is invested in a network of dynamic programs and initiatives that bring people together, building a community that is united, vibrant & strong.

Thank you for being someone who not only cares but cares enough to take action! Your gift makes a difference right here in our city, helping to break the cycle of poverty and social inequality.

Poverty to Possibility

United Way is fighting the effects of poverty and assisting local people to achieve food, housing, employment and financial security by:

  • Providing ongoing access to sufficient, safe, affordable, and nutritious food;
  • Developing human assets like employment skills, education, training, and literacy;
  • Providing access to transitional housing and supports to reintegrate into the community

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Strong Communities

United Way is helping local families and individuals to build a community that is united, vibrant and strong by:

  • Promoting a sense of belonging and inclusion, and engaging people with their community;
  • Helping people create and maintain supportive relationships and connections;
  • Assisting people to achieve positive mental health, and providing supports to handle life’s challenges;
  • Creating safe neighbourhoods and homes.

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All That Kids Can Be

The United Way is empowering our young people to realize their full potential by:

  • Supporting struggling children and youth obtain the skills, self-esteem, and confidence to become successful role models and leaders;
  • Helping youth succeed and stay in school until graduation;
  • Inspiring children and youth to believe in themselves and make healthy choices.

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