Catch the Ace is a progressive jackpot, multiple-draw, weekly raffle in which ticket-holders have the chance to win a Weekly Prize and the Catch the Ace Jackpot.

Co-sponsored by the United Way of Thunder Bay and the Port Arthur Rotary Club, The Catch the Ace draw is administered by United Way of Thunder Bay under a raffle licensed issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

Tickets start at $10 for 10 raffle numbers and provide a chance to win BIG – in both a weekly prize and a larger progressive jackpot – with 50% of all tickets sales paid out in prizes.

When you buy tickets, you will pick an envelope that might contain the Ace of Spades. If your number is chosen, you’ll win 20% of that week’s ticket sales – and if your card in the envelope is the Ace of Spades, you’ll also win the Catch the Ace Progressive Jackpot. If your card is not the Ace of Spades, the progressive jackpot grows and that card is removed from the deck, increasing the chances of catching the ace next week.

Weekly draws continue until the Ace of Spades is caught and the Progressive Jackpot, representing 30% of ticket sales, is won!

All monies raised will go towards funding various programs and initiatives that support the immediate needs of local people and families to ensure that they have access to food, housing, clothing, counselling services, transportation, and more.

Included among the organizations selected to benefit from the proceeds of this raffle are Our Kids Count, Dew Drop Inn, Shelter House and Roots to Harvest.

*Please note, you must purchase your raffle tickets EACH week in order to have a chance to win the weekly prize and to try to Catch the Ace.

Show your #LocalLove and become a weekly supporter!! See all details and benefits HERE or contact Erika at (807) 252-9494

CONGRATULATIONS to our Catch the Ace Winners:

Week 1 – Margaret Paglaro – Ticket # 99000171195, ♣ 10 in Envelope: #7, Weekly Prize: $1,634
Week 2 – Margaret Paglaro – Ticket # 99000318430, ♦ Q in Envelope: #27, Weekly Prize $602
Week 3 – Cathie Ischkin- Ticket # 99000538035, ♣ 4 in Envelope: #21, Weekly Prize $600
Week 4 – Madeleine Platana – Ticket # 99000628017, ♦ 7 in Envelope: #49, Weekly Prize $576
Week 5 – Cliff Friesen – Ticket # 99000769088, ♥ 3 in Envelope: #16, Weekly Prize $506
Week 6 – ??? – Ticket # 99000890058, ♦ 10 in Envelope: #11, Weekly Prize $620