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Counselling Relieves Stress Of Debt

Thunder Bay Counselling Centre’s Credit Counselling Program assists individuals, couples and families to understand their use of money, to gain control of their finances and to become debt free. A Credit Counsellor works one-on-one with clients to assess their current situation, explore options and develop goals for their participation in the program. Through certified Credit Counsellors a full range of financial counselling and education services are available including: Spending Plans & Budgeting, Tips on Credit & Borrowing, Debt Management & Repayment Plans, Bankruptcy Information and Financial Literacy.

Bill and Susan* came to Thunder Bay Counselling Centre four years ago through the United Way of Thunder Bay funded Walk-In Counselling Clinic. They were struggling to pay their bills and their debts, and were feeling overwhelmed since Bill had lost his job of 20 years due to company closure. Susan had been diagnosed a few years earlier with a serious medical condition which forced her into early retirement and requires out of town treatment on a recurring basis. Bill and Susan had been using credit cards to supplement their income while Bill was looking for work, but they were now deeply in debt and had no more credit available. Feeling anxious and distressed, they came to Thunder Bay Counselling Centre looking for options.

With the help of the Credit Counselling Program, Bill and Susan were able to establish a budget that would help them to cover their needs every month, and to repay their debt over 4 years. Bill and Susan are now almost there.

With only a few months left on their debt repayment plan they recently sent a note of thanks, letting the centre know that they still follow their budget every month, and are eagerly looking forward to the day they will be debt free. Susan indicates it gives her great peace to know that their bills are paid and they can focus all their energies on their personal well-being in the long term.

The United Way of Thunder Bay is addressing social issues in our community and investing in 3 critical areas: Moving people from poverty to possibility; Fostering a strong community; Helping kids to be all they can be. Your donations are strategically invested in 63 vital programs that strengthen our community and make a real impact in the lives of our friends, families and neighbours, each and every day. By donating to the 2014 United Way campaign you can support Credit Counselling and 62 other local programs in our community.

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*names have been changed

United Way of Thunder Bay is leading the way to a better community by improving the quality of life for all local people. By collaborating with community partners, we are leading the way to addressing social issues in our community and investing in three critical areas: Poverty, Kids and Strong Communities. Donations to the United Way are strategically invested across Thunder Bay to many vital programs and initiatives in these areas, creating a social safety net that works to achieve lasting change for our neighbours, families and friends.

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