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Affordable Clothing

With help from your gifts to the United Way, The Community Clothing Assistance (CCA) in Thunder Bay is able to offer two critical programs for individuals in crisis, at risk, in transition and homeless. People referred to CCA’s Community Partners Referral through government and social agencies receive FREE clothing, household items and personal hygiene products free of charge. Under this referral program, those who are homeless can receive clothing replacement, blankets and more under the Homeless Free Clothing Project while children in elementary schools who are between 4 and 14 years of age are supplied with 7 pairs of NEW underwear and socks under the Children’s Undercover Clothing Project.  The Affordable Clothing Project at the Distribution Centre collects, sorts, warehouses and distributes the free clothing and items. Basic training is also offered in warehousing, inventory control, retail display, customer service, maintenance and administration help for its volunteers. The ReSale Outlet offers low-cost clothing to low income individuals. The prices at a 30%  of price of other thrift sore prices.

New clothing boosts self-confidence and helps individuals in need to make a great first impression at job interviews. Here’s Nancy’s* story.

A Nancy* visited the Distribution Centre looking to purchase clothing for her daughter, Emma*. She was on very strict budget and could only afford to $10 or less. While there she discovered the “Wednesday Bag” purchase sale.  She and her daughter spent hours sifting through all the clothing and picked out 120 pieces to create the best summer and back-to-school outfits. These items helped Emma* to feel more at ease going to school, and gave her a sense of confidence with her peers. Nancy returned often to choose outfits for herself, sharing with CCA staff that their lives have really improved because of the help provided to them when they needed it most. Both mom and daughter had more self-confidence and Nancy felt that dressing more professionally for job interviews helped her to land a decent job, which has made an incredible difference for her family.   Community Clothing Assistance makes it possible for those on fixed or low incomes, or unemployed to provide for themselves and their families without having to sacrifice their sense of self-worth or confidence

*names have been changed for privacy protection

Community Clothing Assistance is located at 404 North May Street and can be reached at 474-3583

United Way of Thunder Bay is leading the way to a better community by improving the quality of life for all local people. By collaborating with community partners, we are leading the way to addressing social issues in our community and investing in three critical areas: Poverty, Kids and Strong Communities. Donations to the United Way are strategically invested across Thunder Bay to many vital programs and initiatives in these areas, creating a social safety net that works to achieve lasting change for our neighbours, families and friends.

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