Food for thought

Grace has spent her life and career caring for others. In addition to raising three children of her own, she has worked in after-school programs and as a caregiver for families in her community. To many, she is considered a second mother—a wonderful legacy for someone whose own mother left her at an early age. Today, Grace is a retired senior living alone, like many others in the region. A United Way– funded food program has provided a vital lifeline and community connection for Grace. The program educates people about nutrition, healthy living and cooking on a budget. Each week, a group of participants gather to share a meal and to discuss their health and well-being.

Grace sees the program, supported by donors like you, as an important source of companionship as well as information. “I’m learning from people every day. There’s always a friend there. We all have something to give.” There have been health benefits, too. Grace, who once struggled with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, says the program has increased her nutritional knowledge and improved her physical condition. Grace loves her weekly meals with a group of other women; it’s not just about advice—it’s about connection.

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